Marvelo is now offering the SKR in kit form.

The kit includes the following items:

*Complete carbon fiber monocoque/shell with front and rear access covers, and hinged cockpit hatch.

*Front suspension struts and control arms pre-installed.

*90 mm front drum brakes, cables and lever pre-installed.

*Complete tiller steering assembly pre-installed.

*A pair of 20" front wheels (less tires & tubes)

*Aluminum bottom bracket slider tube pre-installed.

*Adjustable bottom bracket shell with clamps and front dérailleur mount.

*Choice of single or double sided swingarm and shock pre-installed.

*Rear axle, wheel hub and freehub body if ordering the single sided swingarm.

*Chain idlers and tubes pre-installed.

*Carbon seat with mounting hardware.

*A pair of carbon front wheel covers.

Price for the kit is $7,400 CAD

Aramid (Kevlar) lined cockpit $200 CAD
Cockpit Canopy/Hood $500 CAD

We believe the Marvelo SKR makes an excellent kit because of the easy access to all interior areas of the shell and it accommodates a wide range of drive-train options.

                                                                     Photo of rear access with rear wheel enclosure removed.

The kit allows an owner complete customization right from the start.

Here is a list of the minimum amount of parts you would need to acquire and install to get an SKR kit on the road:
*Crankset, bottom bracket and pedals
*Front and rear dérailleurs, cassette and/or IGH or dual drive hub 
*Shifter cables with housing and shifters
*Tires and tubes
*Rear wheel built up from supplied hub or from your own hub choice if ordering the double sided swingarm

Other items you would likely want to add are a battery, electrical wiring, lights and electronics.

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